About Disease Notification

The VEDS Notification System was designed to provide public health officials a decision-support tool to assist with the management of mosquito-borne disease. It provides timely access to disease data for Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus and Dengue virus in Queensland, and is a joint venture between The Queensland Institute of Medical Research and Queensland Health.

The data is collated via the Notifiable Diseases Database managed by Queensland Health and transferred to the VEDS System weekly. Notifications are mapped to the Local Government Area (LGA) and an outbreak detection algorithm is applied to help inform local government and public health officials of current disease levels.

In Queensland both Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus disease is seasonal, peaking in Summer and Autumn (January-April). This pattern coincides with the dynamics of the mosquitoes which transmit the diseases. Dengue is not endemic in Queensland with initial Dengue notifications arising from overseas travellers with dengue fever. Since there is no treatment for either disease, prevention is the only way to manage infection. Many LGAs in Queensland have active mosquito control programs which target some of the mosquito species which transmit Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus.

To access the VEDS System you are required to log-in using a unique User name and Password. In the first instance these will only be issued to individual users from local, state and commonwealth public health authorities. Access may be granted to other individuals, providing that there is clear link to the prevention of arboviral diseases. For more information contact veds@qimr.edu.au